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With over 55 years of combined experience, our team is dedicated to helping people achieve their financial goals. We provide independent asset revesting research and proprietary strategies to minimize the impact of market corrections, boost returns, and reduce volatility in investment accounts.

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A newsletter service like that provides email alerts with asset revesting signals complete with entry, targets and protective stops can offer an alternative solution. They also offer automated investing in brokerage accounts using both the multi-asset and single-asset strategies. 

Asset revesting is a proactive investment strategy where an investor holds only assets that are increasing in value, and actively monitors and adjusts their portfolio by selling assets that are no longer appreciating. This strategy involves reinvesting capital into assets that are starting a new uptrend or are already rising in value.

Asset revesting is an investment strategy that involves continuously adjusting a portfolio by holding only assets that are increasing in value. It reduces volatility and helps investors optimize their portfolio’s performance by aligning it with favorable market conditions. It requires ongoing monitoring and planning, technical analysis, and setting both profit targets and protective stops to manage risks and increase returns.

An asset hierarchy is a ranking of assets based on their potential return. Revesters believe that the top asset on their hierarchy list has the most potential to generate returns. They use the hierarchy to decide which assets to hold in their portfolio and adjust their positions as market conditions change. For example, if a higher ranked asset generates a revesting signal, they would exit a lower ranked position and enter the higher ranked asset to maximize returns. The hierarchy can include various assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, sectors, and currencies, depending on personal preferences.

Asset revesting signals are used to help investors enter or exit a position based on the market’s “temperature” around a particular investment. Rising or falling prices are signals that indicate whether an investment is popular or unpopular. Revesting signals are based on proven research and trend analysis provided by trading newsletters. They can help manage both risk and returns, limit large losses, and capitalize on opportunities that might otherwise be missed. These signals are part of an asset revesting strategy that helps manage portfolio volatility.

Automated trading systems like those offered by allow beginning investors to have asset revesting signals autotraded in their IRA, trust, brokerage and other accounts in most countries, including Canada. It is an ideal solution for those who don’t want to study charts and identify signals for their revesting strategy.

Single-asset revesting involves moving in and out of a single asset or a closely related group of assets to take advantage of short-term price fluctuations. Revesters use technical analysis and risk management to only hold assets increasing in value, reducing portfolio volatility and gaining above-average returns. It’s useful for investors with expertise and a focus on particular assets to maximize returns.

Multi-asset revesting involves rotating capital into a set list of uncorrelated assets, where lower-risk, lower-return assets are ranked lower than higher-risk, higher-return assets. The strategy aims to hold only assets that are rising in value, reducing portfolio volatility while gaining above-average returns. By limiting trading options to the asset hierarchy, capital is always allocated to the best-performing, highest-ranked investment, and investors move capital out of falling assets and into rising assets within the set list. When a top-ranked asset generates a new revesting signal, the capital is rotated into that asset to maximize returns and reduce the risk of owning assets that are falling in value.

Multi-asset revesting is a strategy that offers low volatility, capital preservation, bear-market protection, and maximized performance by profiting during bear markets. By selling assets that are about to fall, the strategy only holds assets that are rising in value, providing a consistent opportunity for growth. Adhering to a proven asset hierarchy list can substantially reduce drawdowns through positions with lower volatility. During extremely volatile times, investors can take advantage of being in cash by owning a US Dollar Index ETF or leaving cash in their brokerage account for a low-risk, high-probability asset revesting signal.

Asset revesting signals work by providing clear guidance to investors on when to enter or exit investment positions based on technical analysis and trend-following rules. By following the signals, investors can reduce risk and achieve lower portfolio volatility. This approach is based on a repeatable and consistent trading system that helps investors avoid big losses and outperform the average market returns over the long run. Rather than relying on fundamental predictions, revesters gain control of their emotions and stick to a proven strategy.

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