Tactical Asset Revesting
Tactical Asset Revesting

Key Takeaways:

  • Tactical asset revesting means moving in and out of assets based on whether their value is rising or falling.
  • Tactical asset revesting relies on technical analysis to provide clear signals for each trade, essentially putting the odds of consistently creating growth in your favor.
  • This strategy controls risk by following price trends, holding positions when assets are rising, and quickly exiting underperforming positions, creating dramatically lower volatility within a portfolio.
  • If you are tired of the stock market rollercoaster ride that advisors and firms like Fidelity and Schwab deliver, tactical asset revesting may be the solution.

What is Tactical Asset Revesting?

Essentially, tactical asset revesting means moving in and out of assets based on whether their value is rising or falling. The goal is to focus on active technical analysis and risk and position management to generate a steady income and growth from the financial markets. This means being committed to daily, weekly or monthly trades in stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that have very little lag time and provide continuous trading opportunities.

How Does Tactical Asset Revesting Work?

If you use the proper combination of indicators, cycles, money flow, price patterns, market sentiment and more, you can actually forecast short-term price movements with a high degree of accuracy. Asset revesting relies on tactical portfolio management to interpret and act on the signals that the markets are sending. This combined focus on proven research, trend analysis, investing signals, and position management helps investors generate consistent growth during all market stages.

The underpinning strategy in tactical asset revesting is technical analysis, which exposes critical asset revesting signals that, when followed, can better manage both risk and returns. It is an approach that can limit large losses while also helping investors act on opportunities others might miss.

Does Tactical Asset Revesting Add Value?

Tactical asset revesting through technical analysis provides clarity on market direction and risks while removing the guesswork from trading.  It controls risk by helping revesters follow price trends, hold positions when assets are rising, and quickly exit underperforming positions, creating dramatically lower volatility within a portfolio while boosting returns. It works on any type of trading instrument and any time frame, and there are two types: multi asset revesting and single asset revesting

For those who like the income provided by dividends, tactical asset revesting can take that a step further by showing you where to place your protective stop order, and when to take partial profits on the first sizable surge in your favor. This way, some of your dividend-paying investments continue to rise in value and generate income while you slowly reduce risk and lock profits. Embracing this trading philosophy reduces emotions, stress, and downside risk, and increases the number of winning positions you will make.

Trading systems based on tactical asset allocation through asset revesting provide proven, repeatable processes that introduce consistency, control, and capital preservation, ultimately reducing emotional stress so you can properly execute a trading strategy. Sometimes, trading strategies can be autotraded within a portfolio by companies like TheTechnicalTraders.com.

This type of service practices autotrading based on rules, not predictions or emotions, providing a clearer path to a predictable outcome. Unlike traditional autotrading solutions such as the popular roboadvisors like Betterment or Wealthfront, asset revesting autotrading does not use the old buy-and-hold method, which is a high-risk strategy for anyone over the age of 50.  

Whether you execute them on your own, follow signals of an asset revesting newsletter, or have your account autotraded, tactical asset revesting systems generate results—and that’s what you want to see in your portfolio. So, if you are an investor who values proven, stable investments that provide peace of mind even during the most volatile of market conditions, such as a bear market or COVID-crash type of event, then continue to learn more about tactical asset revesting.